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Madelyn Hadley


Over the last 6 years Plant-Based Chef Madelyn Hadley has made coconut bacon for various clients while working as a private chef and for her cooking classes. Every time people asked her “where can I buy this?”. Not only were people craving coconut bacon, but the entire ecosystem of our food culture had begun to change with many popular documentaries and books being released about the power of a plant-based diet for health and the toll the animal industry takes on our planet.


More people were looking for the kinds of foods Chef Hadley makes for her clients every day. Chef Hadley earned her BS in Public Health from the University of San Diego California. She was a teaching assistant for Human Nutrition at UCSD and has a great passion for nutrition, health, cooking and flavor. Her clients fell in love with her delicious whole food, plant-based creations. Chef Hadley decided to make her most popular recipes available to everyone and created Madly Hadley in 2018. 


Chef Hadley has many more delicious madly magical foods in the works…stay tuned!

Ken Braunstein


Ken Braunstein has work within the consumer packaged goods industry for the past 25 years, holding top sales management positions while driving significant brand growth within multiple categories.
He has developed focused sales plans and comprehensive market strategies for some of the industry leading nutritional food and beverage companies on a global basis.  Ken has worked with some of the strongest category leaders in the CPG space including, Mauna Loa, MET-Rx, Hansens Beverage, M&M MARS, Schweppes USA, Lenny & Larrys and Power Crunch/BNRG.
While working with some of these leading consumer brands, Ken has successfully helped them find their place on the shelves in leading US retailers including, Wal-Mart, Costco, Trader Joes, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, 7-11, Publix, Kroger, CVS and Walgreens.
Ken brings with him a rigorous, disciplined approach and entrepreneural mindset that has been the key in helping drive marketplace success and maximum profitability.

David Gumner


 David Gumner brings over 35 years of consumer brand building, marketing, sales, and business management experience to his role at Madly Hadley, including more than 20 years in natural foods and beverages and nutritional health and wellness products. David began his career in Brand Marketing at Procter & Gamble, followed by Kraft Heinz before entering the world of emerging/early-stage, and growing natural and functional food, beverage, supplement, and natural health/wellness brands, driven by a passion for combining the discipline and rigors of “big-CPG” brand building with the entrepreneurial sensibilities of mission-driven brands.

“For much of my career, I have been keenly focused on transitioning and “mainstreaming” historically niche or fringe brands beyond committed health & natural consumers to mainstream, flexitarian consumers. Personally I don’t adhere to a vegan lifestyle, but I care deeply about the environment, animal welfare, and my own health, and I know how destructive animal agriculture is, so I will always substitute plant-based, animal-free when practicable. I’m now focused on applying my professional expertise to my personal mission to bring incredible animal-free alternatives to more and more mainstream, flexitarian consumers so that we can all better respect the environment and animals.” 

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